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Date: July 26-29, 2017
Location: Orlando, FL


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Keep in mind, however, that attendance will be taken at all educational sessions and meal functions taking place as part of the Convention. Your chapter will not get credit for attending the Convention unless it attends all sessions. Just a friendly reminder that failure to attend the convention will result in increased insurance premiums for the next academic year and social probation for the fall semester.

See below for forms and information.

Grand President and Grand Council Nominations

To nominate someone to serve as Grand President or on the Grand Council, please send name, chapter and contact information to

Constitution and Bylaws, Policy Manual or Ritual Changes

Those brothers wishing to submit Constitution and Bylaws, Policy Manual or ritual changes should do so by using the attached form.

This form should be submitted prior to the 66th General Convention, to be held summer 2017 in Orlando. The Constitution and Bylaws Committee will review the proposed changes and present those they approve to the voting body. All proposed changes must be presented to the committee and only those approved will be presented on the floor during business session.

Any proposed changes to the ritual will be discussed and voted on during the Ritual Exemplification, also to be held during the 66th General Convention.

Proposed changes should be submitted on the attached form and sent to or mailed to the International Headquarters at 2925 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

Please submit any questions to

General Convention Forms

See below for links to any form you may need for the 66th General Convention.


What is the General Convention?

The Fraternity meets in General Convention every two years. The meetings rotate through popular convention cities in various parts of the country in order to give more brothers the chance to attend.

The legislative power of the Grand Chapter is vested in the Convention. All active chapters and colonies in good standing are represented with a voting strength based on the number of undergraduate members on their rolls. Chartered alumni clubs are represented at the Convention with a voting power in proportion to their paid sustaining dues membership. Each member of the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Degree is entitled to one vote.

The General Convention has the power to amend the charter, the constitution and the bylaws of the Fraternity, and has the authority to veto policies established by the Grand Council between conventions.

A leadership school is held in conjunction with each convention and provides leadership training and personal development for each undergraduate in attendance. Several awards are also presented throughout the Convention, including Herbert L. Brown Outstanding Chapter Awards, the Order of the Diamond Circle for outstanding undergraduate members, the Medallion of Merit (Phi Sig's "Man of the Year"), Distinguished Alumnus, Outstanding Chapter Adviser and category awards for various areas of chapter operation.